Top tips for small garden design

Owning a small garden in Kenilworth or Leamington Spa doesn’t mean that you have to limit your imagination because of a lack of space, but the exact opposite. With a diminutive plot, you need to be more creative with how you go about garden design. There are many ways in which you can create the perfect outdoor space in Kenilworth or Leamington Spa by careful choices and clever presentation.

Choose the right plants and trees

One of the keys to small garden design is opting for plants and trees that retain their appeal for most of the year. Due to limited space, you won’t have the opportunity to form specific areas with plants that bloom at different times throughout the year. Some excellent enduring plants and trees to consider are pear or apple trees, witch hazel, oak-leafed hydrangeas or blueberries. There are many great examples of plants and trees to instil vibrancy and colour into your garden all year round.

Can you still have a lawn?

Even the most miniature gardens can benefit from a lawn. No matter the size, as long as you choose the right grass seeds, a lush green lawn will help provide texture and contrast with the surrounding features. It’s perhaps even more imperative with a small grass area to maintain it well and ensure you regularly aerate to avoid drainage issues.

Make the most of containers and window boxes

Using containers and window boxes in your garden design can help grow plants that don’t always react well to being in the ground or even plant a herb box for use in home cooking. If you live in Kenilworth or Leamington Spa and are struggling for inspiration on how to liven up your garden, contact MSC Landscaping today for expert advice and competitive pricing.