How to use colour in garden design

When deciding how to use colour in your garden design, there is very little which can go wrong. Nature lends a helping hand with an array of vibrant shades that all work well together in gardens. Below we’ll highlight some helpful ways to approach garden design in Warwick and Solihull.

Create different states of mind with colour

Colour can have a transformative effect on anything from hair colour to garden design in Warwick and Solihull. Colours help create an ambience, so consider how you want to use your garden. If it’s a space for your family to spend time with each other or entertaining friends, then exhilarating reds, yellows and oranges will work well to promote a lively atmosphere. In contrast, greens, blues and whites can invoke a serene and peaceful mood that can help you unwind after a hard day’s work.

Use colour all year round

Colour in garden design isn’t exclusive to a single course in spring and summer. There are plenty of bushes that carry bright berries in the autumn and winter, such as the Holly bush, Hawthorn’s and Blackthorn’s, to name but a few. Crocuses, Dahlia’s and Begonia also flower in the autumn and can deliver a burst of colour to inspire any wintery garden.

Blend the colours in with the existing environment

When planning colour schemes in your garden, be sure to consider your hard landscape, such as paths, garden walls and any outbuildings. Yellow marigolds next to a shed in a shade of Moroccan red would work well but be careful, as some colours won’t combine quite as seamlessly. If you live in Warwick or Solihull and would like an expert opinion on how to introduce more colour into your garden, contact us today.