Landscape Elements – Patio – Coventry

Landscape Elements

Here the clients garden was North facing and they were looking for a suitable area to BBQ and entertain on summer evenings where they would still get some sun. They had already identified the most suitable area, which was currently paved in old concrete slabs with a swing taking up most of the room.

We discussed their budget and agreed that natural stone paving was probably not an option, instead we went with a concrete
paver from Bradstone in a Mellow Cotswold finish, set off with Cotswold chippings at the bottom.

While on site we also replaced some damaged fence panels with new treated larch lap panels, not our preference and we would usually recommend feather edge as they are more sturdy and longer lasting but the client wanted the panels to match the rest of the existing fence.

Due to the slope we used a Bradstone walling brick that matched the paving to construct a small retaining wall around part of the area to create a level patio.

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